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The Part Bred Gypsy Cob

A Part Bred Gypsy Cob is a horse derived from Gypsy bloodlines and those of another breed or mix of breeds.  Ideally, the progeny will display the desirable characteristics and qualities of both the Gypsy Cob and the other breed(s).  Part breds with less than 25% Gypsy bloodlines are not eligible for registration with AGHS.

EM Cookie and Emma Milne, photo credit Melissa Schunemann

In order to be registered with the AGHS as a Part Bred Gypsy Cob, a horse must have either a parent (sire or dam) or grandparent (grandsire/granddam) that is a registered Gypsy Cob.

The diverse heritage of many Part Bred Gypsy Cobs often makes them eligible for multiple breed registrations (eg.  APSB part bred, Part Welsh etc.).  Dual registration will depend on the criteria established by each individual breed society so please refer to applicable registration rules for further details.  In addition to breed registration, many Part Bred Gypsy Cobs may also be eligible for registration with specific colour registries such as the Pinto Horse Society, Palomino, Buckskin and Sportaloosa etc.

The Gypsy Cob is continually growing in popularity within Australia and New Zealand.  Not only are they a quiet dependable all-round horse, but they excel in all major disciplines, and suit people from varying skill levels, from the beginner to the high-level competitor.

Unfortunately, there are just not enough Pure Bred Gypsy foals currently on the ground in Australasia to meet demand. The price of Pure Bred Gypsy foals is still relatively high and directly reflects the substantial cost of importing horses from overseas, in itself contributing to the rarity of these horses on our shores.


Why a Part Bred?

Part Bred Gypsy Cobs, no matter what breed they are crossed out to are amazing horses.  They are adding much-needed bone, soundness, movement, temperament and flair to breeds that are commonly being used in everyday competitions (ASH, TB, WB, QH, SB, Arab etc). There is a remarkably high demand for quiet, reliable children's ponies and sporting horses as well as larger, more substantial, riding horse similar to the Drum Horse type. 


Gypsy Derivatives do a wonderful job of stepping up to fill a substantial gap in the current market and are showing a great increase in popularity.  

They have indisputably proven themselves as extremely versatile horses, excelling in a wide variety of shows and disciplines worldwide. There seems to be a mix to fill everyone's desires, whether it is simply a more affordable 'mirror' of a GC, a more athletic competition built horse that still has the 'wow' and flair of the GC, a slightly 'warmer', more energetic horse with the wonderful temperament of our beloved GC's, the perfect sporting companion, or an affordable, dependable equine partner for the whole family to adore.

Part Bred Gypsies have it all!

Not only are Part Breds more affordable and more readily available, they have also proven themselves time and again as being 'the best of both worlds'. Many people already have personal preferences towards one or another existing breed. With a Part Bred, you can enjoy the many aspects of your favorite breed and all the wonderful attributes of the Gypsy Cob all in one package. And why stop at just one? Any Gypsy fanatic will enthusiastically inform you that these horses are addictive; once you meet them, you have to have one, and one is never enough!

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