Black Silver Dapple Colt

Sire: Abs of Lindale

Dam: Martmor Bracken 

Martmor Sterling Silver is a 10 month purebred Gypsy Cob by the outstanding imported stallion Abs of Lindale, dam Martmor Bracken.
Underneath his winter pyjamas is a black silver dapple colt. He is homozygous black and carries one copy of the silver gene. EE nZ.
He will mature at 14hh and is a serious breeding prospect with these genes. He has inherited his dad's movement and temperament and a genuine Gypsy Cob type.
Vet check welcome.
For more information please call Martin of Martmor Gypsy Cobs or email martmorgypsycobs@

Listed: 28/10/2015

BREED: Gypsy Cob
PRICE: $20000
DOB: 10 months
LOCATION: Victoria

Listed: 21/5/2015

BREED: GC x QH/Clydesdale
PRICE: $6000
DOB: 19/9/2013
LOCATION: Victoria

Bay Tovero Sabino Filly

Sire: Arcadian Mojo

Gypsy Cob

Dam: Tooraloo Chev Belle Aire

Quarter Horse  / Clydesdale

DNA tested Ee Aa Tn nO, so her foals should be 25% Frame/Sabino, 25% Sabino, 25% Tovero, 25% Tobiano. But sabino is a little unknown so lets say 99% chance her foals will be coloured. EMH: 16hh
Imprint trained at birth with regular professional handling and not spoilt. True Gypsy temperament, loves people and very friendly, will stand with you all day as long as she gets some TLC. Great conformation, very good bone and lots of hair.
Registered with AGHS. Can be registered with APSB, VPS, and CCSHA.

Listed: 01/01/2015

PRICE: $4400 - $6600
DOB: 20/11/2014
LOCATION: Tasmania

Chestnut Tobiano Colt

Sire: Rosedale Jonathon

Gypsy Cob

Dam: Struttin her Class

Quarter Horse  

Will be weaned end of March 2015 Sell gelded $4400 Sold as a Stallion $6600


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