BREED: GC x NFP/Arabian
PRICE: $4000
DOB: 27/11/15
LOCATION: Victoria
BREED: GC x Welsh C 
PRICE: $3000
DOB: 19/12/13
LOCATION: Victoria


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Horses For Sale by AGHS Members

PRICE: $5000
DOB: 29/10/15
LOCATION: Victoria
Sire: Arcadian Mojo
Dam: Big Valley Honey Blonde Hussey (QH, Warmblood)
Sex: colt, to be gelded
EMH:  14.3hh
Colour: Chestnut Tovero
DOB: 31/12/2015.
Registered: AGHS GCX0216
Price: $4,500
Ascot is very handsome and well put together, with lovely neck and muscle. He is very typey and you can really see the Warmblood influence. I have a few horses of this breeding and they are lovely types, solid and chunky.  Typical to the Gypsy Cob breed he is confident and friendly. This boy is a character and I love working with him and he makes me laugh.  He has great aptitude for tricks, liberty etc.
Sire: Arcadian Mojo
Dam: Jarrah (Welsh Cob, Arabian)
Sex: Filly
EMH: 15.1hh
Colour: Chestnut Tobiano
DOB: 12.12.2016
Registered: will be registered with AGHS
Price: $5,500
Tamika is absolutely stunning with the Arabian influence and the white mane and forelock.  She has lovely conformation and is very friendly.  She will be a stand out riding horse for pleasure or competition with the option to breed down the track.  Her full siblings are very solid so I expect her to follow in their tracks.

Listed: 11/5/2017

BREED: GC x Welsh C 
PRICE: $4000 ono
DOB: 12/11/12
LOCATION: Victoria

Gypsy Percentage: 50%

Sire: Surrey Springs Chivalry

Dam: Bedaya Just Angela (ASH x Arabian Pony)

Born: 31st December 2014

EMH: 14.2hh

Registered: AGHS & APSB Eligible Colour: Bay

Charisma is a quiet, dependable filly with a sweet & gentle nature. She is a stunning self confident, low-medium spirit girl who shows great potential as a quiet, dependable riding horse. She is currently in training. To date Charisma Halters, Leads, Backs up & yields Forehand & Hindquarters. FOR SALE $4,000

Listed: 11/5/2017

Listed: 11/5/2017

Listed: 11/5/2017

Listed: 01/01/2015

BREED: GC x Highland Pony
PRICE: $7500 colt

$6500 gelding

DOB: 18/10/16
LOCATION: Victoria

Gypsy Percentage: 50%

Sire: Surrey Springs Chivalry

Dam: Coco Chanel (WB x SB) Born: 29th October 2015

Sex: Gelding

EMH: 15hh

Registered: AGHS & APSB Eligible Colour: Black & White Keylargo is performance bred with everything you could ask for in a ridden horse. He has style, presence, colour, lovely movement, forward moving, athletic & capable with a medium-high spirit with that lovely sweet cob nature. He has basic natural horsemanship training & has been turned out after gelding to mature. $5000.00

PRICE: $4500
DOB: 31/12/15
LOCATION: Victoria

Listed: 11/5/2017

PRICE: $4400 - $6600
DOB: 20/11/2014
LOCATION: Tasmania
BREED: GC x Welsh Cob/Arabian
PRICE: $5500
DOB: 12/12/16
LOCATION: Victoria

Listed: 11/5/2017


50% Gypsy Cob Gelding

Sire: Surrey Springs Chivalry

Dam: Foxy Lady (Welsh C)

Born: 19th December 2013

Sex: Gelding

EMH: 12.3hh

Registered: AGHS & eligible for dual registration with APSB

Colour: Chestnut / Grey

This little guy just oozes charisma. He has the looks, presence, conformation and movement that should do very well in the show ring. He has enough hair and feather to make the purebreds jealous. With his romantic looks, he could be straight out of a fairy tale. Fagan is a little bit cheeky and has a really fun and playful personality and will suit any discipline. He has been handled since birth using Natural Horsemanship techniques. He halters, leads, yields from pressure, yields forequarter and hind quarter, backs up, steps up on the box, walks over poles and the tarp & in/out of the horse float. Fagan is ready to start under saddle & just waiting for the right family to continue his training. $3000.00


Chestnut Tobiano Colt

Sire: Rosedale Jonathon

Gypsy Cob

Dam: Struttin her Class

Quarter Horse  

Will be weaned end of March 2015 Sell gelded $4400 Sold as a Stallion $6600

Listed: 11/5/2017

Listed: 11/5/2017

BREED: GC x ASH/Arabian Pony
PRICE: $4000
DOB: 31/12/14
LOCATION: Victoria

Sire: Arcadian Mojo (purebred Gypsy Cob)
Dam: Rosmarkie Neva (purebred Highland Pony Section 1)
Sex: colt
EMH: 14hh
Colour: Grulla Tobiano
DOB: 18/10/2016
Registered: will be registered with AGHS
Price: $7,500 as colt or $6,500 as gelding
Trik is everything we imagined possible when we crossed MJ with Neva. True to his breeding he will be a strong, well balanced, solid boy with great conformation and an awesome temperament.
He has a sweet pony head, lovely neck and shoulder, broad hindquarters, good bone and should have plenty of mane, tail and feather. He is extremely friendly, loves people and will certainly be a stand out and therefore a possible future competition stallion. He is raised in the herd environment to develop respect and good social skills.


Gypsy Percentage: 50%

Sire: Surrey Springs Chivalry

Dam: Foxy Lady (Welsh C)

Born: 12th November 2012

Height: appx 12.2hh

Registered: AGHS

Colour: Buckskin/Grey/White Colour Genetics: Ee, Aa, Gg, nT Pip is only for sale as we have retained her full sister & her 2016 Filly foal. She has basic handling & will be available for sale upon weaning her current foal. EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST OFFERS AROUND $4,000


Gypsy Percentage: 50%

Sire: Surrey Springs Chivalry

Dam: Bankswood Parasol (New Forest Pony x Arabian)

Born: 27th November 2015

Sex: Colt (to be gelded)

EMH: appx 14.2hh

Registered: AGHS & APSB Eligible

Colour: Bay

Cullan will be just like his bigger brother, who is currently working as a therapy horse. He has a calm, dependable, 'no worries' nature, will do anything, go anywhere, loves to please & loves being with people. If you are looking for a quiet reliable mount or harness horse, Therapy horse or kids mount, Cullan is the horse for you. $4000.00