Tricolby Aliyana

John Brodie

This form may be used for transfer of ownership, horse lease certificate, notification of castration and notification of death. Please note: New owner must be a financial member to transfer registration of a horse.
This form is required with all Pure Bred Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse registration applications. Please note: DNA colour testing is not provided, this is for parentage verification only.
This form MUST be attached to ALL Stallion Registrations and Application to Upgrade to Adult Registration for all Stallions. Please note: this certificate must be filled out by a certified Veterinarian.
For horses that have previously been foal recorded with the AGHS and wish to upgrade to full adult registration within any of the AGHS studbooks.  Please note: All Stallion upgrades must be accompanied by the Certificate of Soundness.
Application to record foals of any AGHS recognized breed.  Any horse eligible for registration that is under 12 months of age.
This form is to apply for AGHS yearly membership. If you have been registered with the AGHS within the last 12 months  please use the renewal form.

Please download the form you require, and click the correct paypal link for the membership type you are purchasing!
Please contact the society to receive a Stallion Service Certificate.  Please note your stallion must be fully registered with the AGHS  to receive a Service Certificate.

Click on the Green Buttons to download our PDF Membership and Registration Forms.

This checklist MUST accompany ALL Registration applications and other paperwork submitted to the AGHS. It will provide a tick and flick checklist for all paperwork required to join the AGHS and register your horses.

AGHS Breed Rules and Regulations

The AGHS would like to make its members aware of the Rules and Regulations for registration of Gypsy Cobs, Gypsy Cob Part Breds, Drum Horses and Embryo Transfer foals. Please note that no rules or regulations for registration of a Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Cob Part Bred or Drum Horse have been changed, it has merely been compiled in one document and meets all current requirements. The Committee did approve and implement new rules at the AGM around the registration for ET foals in line with other societies. ET foals bred prior to this breeding season will be eligible for registration under the current Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Rules and Regulations, ET foals from this breeding season (2014/2015) forward will need to meet the current ET Rules and Regulations. Anyone considering ET breeding this year and in the future please contact the registrar – the required paperwork PRIOR to breeding. (If you have already done an ET breeding this season please contact us to arrange the paperwork to be completed by your vet).

Forms to Download

Fees and Forms

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Junior Membership

Application form to register Part Bred Gypsy Cobs, with one Gypsy Cob parent, and one parent of any other breed with a minimum of 25% Gypsy Cob. Please note: All Stallion upgrades must be accompanied by the Certificate of Soundness. For horses over 12 months of age.
Application form to register Pure Bred Gypsy Cobs, with two Gypsy Cob parents. Please note: All Stallion registrations must be accompanied by the Certificate of Soundness. For horses over 12 months of age.
This form enables you to register your Stud Prefix with the AGHS.

Upgrade Drum/Appendix Drum

Upgrade Part Bred

PRIOR to breeding via Embryo Transfer please contact the Registrar for the required paperwork to be filled out by your vet at the time of the transfer.

Adult 1 Year Membership

Family 2 Year Membership

PLEASE NOTE: Until further notice, a 2-3 week processing time is expected.

Family 3 Year Membership

Junior 3 Year Membership

Upgrade Gypsy Cob

This form is required to change the status of a registered colt/stallion to a gelding. Please note: You will be required to return your original registration certificate and will be issued with an updated one.

Windenvale Snow Bear and Windenvale Miss Darcy

Adult 2 Year Membership

Junior 2 Year Membership

Family 1 Year Membership

Please use this form if you have registered with the AGHS in the last 12 months

Application form to register Drum Horses with the AGHS.
For horses over 12 months of age.

Adult 3 Year Membership